multiple gamers in one house - boosting internet speed

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multiple gamers in one house - boosting internet speed

With three teenage boys and an overgrown teenager for a spouse, I have a serious need for insanely fast Internet in our home. At a minimum, we have four gaming consoles running any time they are all home. Four online gamers sucks up the Internet like you would never believe. I have upgraded all of the routers and modems in the house to the highest speed possible, but the provider wasn't providing us with a fast enough connection to keep up with everything. I found out about a few more things you can do to improve the speed of your connection for situation such as mine. Find out what here on my blog.

How Does Internet Performance Affect Online Gaming?

27 October 2017
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What does slow internet mean? Is lag really caused by the internet, or is it other computer issues that have nothing to do with your network?  Whether you're a professional gamer who needs powerful internet to compete, a streamer who needs to upload to,, or quickly, or someone who just plays games for fun, figuring out how the internet affects your performance can cut down on a lot of frustration and technical support call time. Read More …

Hosting A Game Server? Know Your Needs

30 August 2016
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Minecraft and other multiplayer games were just the beginning. With many online survival games such as Ark and online games such as Ultima Online offering built-in private server options, more people are ready to create their own personal server to act as hosts for friends or even to become a semi-professional service. If you're tired of being part of someone else's ruleset or simply want a place for your group to create without the interruption of unchecked strangers, here's some data center insight to get the resources you need. Read More …

Computer Speed Sluggish? These Tweaks May Help You Regain Your Speed

29 February 2016
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Are you not getting the internet speeds you are paying for? If you are increasingly frustrated by sluggish performance, a few simple procedures may help you increase your speed without having to upgrade your service.  Scan for Viruses and Malware This should be your first step in troubleshooting slow internet speed. Sites you visit can stealthily install "drive-by" viruses or malware onto your system just by your clicking on their links. Read More …

What To Know When Buying New Internet Service

14 December 2015
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Do you enjoy playing online video games? If so, having a stable and reliable internet connection is critical, especially if you are playing high-resolution video games. Well, if you have recently moved into your new home and need to obtain a new Internet service, then there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your games play smoothly. So, to ensure you obtain a quality internet service, be sure to do the following: Read More …

Remember The Human Factor In Colocation Center Security

20 October 2015
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If you're considering using a colocation data center -- basically a warehouse where you can store your company's servers -- you know how important it is to have good physical security. But you also have to be sure the human element won't cause a problem. The best physical security in the world won't matter if employees aren't able to protect the data that they keep in their heads or in their own computers. Read More …